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Historic Sanibel Home Gets Much-Needed Face Lift

A historic home on Sanibel Island is getting a much-needed face lift. The “Morning Glories” house was first built back in 1926. Eighty-five years later, Sanibel historians are taking steps to ensure the home is in it’s best shape yet.

It’s a true island treasure, carefully protected and preserved for over eight decades. The “Morning Glories” home was first delivered to Sanibel back in 1926, straight from a Sears Roebuck catalogue.

“This one is our pride and joy. It was lived in as a winter residence for a good part of the time from 1926 until 2001,” Sanibel Museum & Village President Alex Werner said Friday.

The “Morning Glories” house was delivered to Sanibel by barge in 30,000 pieces and assembled in a matter of months entirely by hand.

Despite 85 years of wear-and-tear and over half a dozen hurricanes, the home is still standing.

“Charlie came in in 2004, took four shingles off the roof,” Werner said.

But “Morning Glories” paint job was a different story. Historians suspect the home’s interior had gone untended for over ten years.

John Grey spent weeks researching the job.

“You could probably come in and there just paint it. But it would just be another paint job. A building like this deserves and requires something more than that,” John Grey of John Grey Painting said Friday.

Instead, Grey developed the colors, paying tribute to the home’s rich heritage. A job well done, in painting history the perfect shade.

“History’s kind of put off to the side. This is one way of showing history, living history, to a lot of the kids, and a lot of the people in their 30’s and 40’s who never knew about this,” Werner said.

The Sanibel Historical Museum & Village is closed to the public until November. For more information, visit their website at www.sanibelmuseum.org.

Article first appeared on WinkNews.com.

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